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We work alongside committed leaders to distil their cultural essence and bring it to life with their organisations - all in the name of sustaining bottom line growth.

Cultural Essence

We’ve been fortunate enough to work for, and have access to, some of the world’s most innovative and high-performing organisations. During this time we’ve identified some key themes along with inspiring examples of what these businesses do differently to sustain competitive advantage through their internal cultures.

Ritz Carlton
South West Airlines

cultural essence

These organisations and teams are driven by the answers to very powerful and searching questions that form their ‘cultural essence.’  Truly world-class organisations know why they are in business, beyond simply making money.  They also have a conscious appreciation for the ‘way’ in which they ‘do’ business – their common attitude or values.

Give yourself a moment to really consider this question – ‘Why does your organisation or team exist?’…
It’s a biggie and one that an entire leadership team must align around if you’re to deliver fantastic results.
We facilitate workshops that enable leadership teams to unearth their own answers to these and other powerful questions and in doing so identify their own cultural essence.  Our blend of collaborative facilitation, creative exercises and inspiration from world-class organisations delivers sustainable results.  To find out more contact us.

bringing a culture to life

To us ‘culture’ simply means ‘the way we do things round here’.  It’s all very well knowing the essence of your culture, it’s another thing to be able to engage your people to believe in it and do something about it.
Here are just some of the interventions we’ve worked on to bring a client’s cultural essence to life…

  • Induction
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Re-designing the working environment
  • Internal communications
  • Reward and recognition systems
  • Recruitment practices
  • Employee proposition development
  • Management development

To find out more or discuss your challenge in greater detail contact us.  Read on to get an idea of some of the cultural challenges we’ve helped our clients with…

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